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The Basics of a Subaru and other questions answered

RELENTLESS is the term that best describes Subaru. For almost 70 years now, the company has been pumping out reliable cars that just don’t quit. They are well known for their symmetrical all-wheel drive system and boxer engines. No wonder it has become one of the most popular automotive brands in recent years. Subaru’s are

The Basics of Semi Trucks and other questions answered

In our previous blog posts, we’ve already discussed some of the famous brands of vehicles and what to consider when making a purchase. Today, our discussion is a little bit more heavy-duty and gigantic- we’re talking about Semi Trucks. These beasts of the road are a common sight, but there’s more to these machines than

The Basics of a Nissan Altima

Nissan has made its way to the top of the car industry with its innovative designs and features. The company has been in business for over 80 years and is known for its quality vehicles. No wonder they are the leading Japanese automaker in North America. Fully equipped with the latest technology, Nissan is always

The Basics of a Mustang and other questions answered

A legendary company with a legendary car, Mustang is an icon of the automotive industry. Being one of the most popular vintage cars and one of the most enduring symbols of American muscle, Mustang has a lot to offer drivers. This luxurious sports car is known for its mass appeal, with a wide range of

The Basics of Motorbikes and other questions answered

Each person we meet has their own unique interests and passions. May it be with books, music, or sports, we all have something that drives us. For some, the thrill of the open road is what gets their hearts racing. Being a motorhead is so much more than just a phase or fad; it’s a

The Basics of a Mini Cooper and all other questions answered

Mini Cooper? That adorable little car that never fails to put a smile on our faces? Well, this car brings so many memories of our beautiful childhood (or at least for some of us). After all, we all probably know Mr. Bean and his memorable antics with his British green mini. Well, that might even

The Basics of a Jeep Wrangler and all other questions answered

Ah, the classic Jeep Wrangler. A vehicle that’s as American as apple pie and just as fascinating. For many, the Jeep Wrangler is the epitome of freedom and adventure. It’s a vehicle that’s built for tough terrain and can take you anywhere you want to go. The iconic design and go-anywhere attitude have made the

The Basics of a Honda Civic and all other questions answered

The popularity of Honda has grown exponentially over the past decade. In fact, Honda became the seventh-largest car manufacturer in the world in 2015. Honda Civic is one of the most popular models by Honda. Thanks to its affordability, efficiency, and safety features, the Honda Civic has been a top choice for small families and

All you Need to Know About a Full Tank of Gas

We all know the feeling. That empty tank light comes on and we immediately start to panic. We scramble to find the nearest gas station and hope that we can make it there without running out of gas. It’s a scary feeling, but how about the exact opposite situation? One of the best feelings especially

All You Need to Know About the Ford Fusion

The legendary car brand, Ford, has been in the industry for over a century now. In fact, Ford vehicles are most featured in movies and tv series than any other car brand. The company has been synonymous with innovation, style, and power. Also, Ford has provided some of the most iconic and reliable cars to

All You Need to Know About the Ford F150

Vintage and timeless cars? Well, that’s one of the specialties of Ford Motor Company – and the Ford F-150 is one of their most iconic models. Having more than a century of this company’s experience behind it, the F-150 has built quite a reputation for itself, and with good reason too – it’s one of

All you Need to Know About the BMW and all your questions answered

Both luxury and quality are often associated with the BMW name. As one of the “big three” German automakers, BMW cars are known around the world for their luxurious feel, attention to detail, and cutting-edge technology. Their vehicles are equipped with the latest in safety features, and their engines deliver powerful performance. However, all of

The Basics of Ceramic Coating and How to Effectively Use Ceramic coating

Cars (especially brand new ones) have their own mortal enemy- the elements. The sun’s UV rays can fade paint, while rain and snow can cause rust. And then there’s the bird droppings, tree sap, and pollution that can turn your car’s once-glistening paint job into a dull mess, not to mention, scratches, the most vicious

what does eco mode mean

What does eco mean on a car, and other eco car terms explained

A lot of people are curious about what the eco mode on their car means. This article will explain the meaning behind eco and how it affects your car. Hybrid Cars Hybrid and eco friendly cars are becoming more popular every day, as people become more aware of the benefits they offer. Whether you’re looking